Lost Footballs. The Saddest Sight.

The Twitterverse is a wondrous thing. So many creative people out there who work hard to provide totally pointless news feeds for our amusement, compiling all sorts of shit you didn’t know you needed. I’ve stumbled on a few gems since signing up and accumulating my mega-total of 46 followers. But my favourite has to be Lost Footballs (@Lostfootballs).

Balls. And they’re lost.

They post photos of lost footballs (no rugby balls please!) from around the world, sent to them by sad spotters like me. You find them everywhere. Back alleys, parks, roof tops, under cars and we all carry smart phones so taking a picture is easy. The twist is, subscribers are asked to pair their images with song lyrics that might reflect some aspect of the photo: as they say, “the saddest sight in the world – lost or discarded footballs.”

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My Blue Heaven

This glorious sample of Azurite on Malachite from the Millpillas mines in Mexico reinforces why Azurite, with its incredible deep blues, is one of my favourite minerals. Sadly it’s woefully under represented in my mineral collection. Photo courtesy of Geology Tweets. https://twitter.com/GeologyTime

I’m sexy and I know it.

Soccer In Raincouver

The kids’ soccer season has officially started. My last season coaching as my second son ages-out at the end of Grade 12.

Every season opener for the last 4-5 years has been played in glorious sunshine so it was only reasonable to expect the same this year. Alas, it wasn’t to be. It’s been raining for a couple of weeks so the soccer gear is already perma-damp. Balls, pinnies, bags – the whole lot smells mouldy and is stinking up the car. Nice.

Last night’s game was a typical North Shore outing. Pissing rain at the start. Heavy traffic on the Iron Workers’ Bridge and that “why the fuck am I doing this” feeling at 7pm on a Saturday night when I’d rather be sat at home drinking a nice glass of Merlot. Keep repeating the mantra “It’s for the kids”.

Anyway, the good guys won 4-2 after a physical game complete with one red card (my centre back) and a psychotic player on the other team who oozed barely-suppressed violence. The cream on the cake was the ref: a pedantic disciplinarian from the military school of reffing.

Someone else’s team enjoying the rain.

@LostFootballs -essential Twitter

@LostFootballs is one of my favourite Twitter feeds. Photos of lost soccer balls set to song lyrics. Simplicity itself. “The saddest sight in the world – lost or discarded footballs. Honour them, send in photos. No rugby balls allowed. ” I’ve just received my copy of their 2019 calendar in the mail. Aiming to have one of my snaps in the 2020 version.

Lost, Forgotten. Unloved. Deflated. The saddest sight.