Stock Picking in a 2019 Stylee

I promised myself when I started that it wouldn’t become a mining and exploration blog. I was determined to keep it broad-ranging, stuffed full of erudite and amusing articles covering everything from wildlife, classical music to ancient sex toys. It would be an intellectual bootcamp for me- and Lord knows, I’m mentally flabby –  where I could build a careful façade as a funny polymath. Yeah, not quite.

Thank you Lord. Sound advice.
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How To Pick A Mining Stock.

“A stock pick is when an analyst or investor uses a systematic form of analysis to conclude that a particular stock will make a good investment and, therefore, should be added to his or her portfolio”  Wikipedia.

It’s here. The night I’ve been waiting for all year. Our stock picking dinner is tonight and the tension is ramping up across the mining industry. Think of it as the Davos Summit of mining. Twenty five seasoned veterans drawn from every facet of the global mining and exploration business –representatives from banking, research, geology, mining, journalism plus a couple of our parole officers- come together in a darkened room to select 25 companies that will set the junior resource market on fire for 2019. Just like we did in 2018.

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The Strangest thing I’ve Ever Seen

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen? Think back. A ghost? Phosphorescence in the sea at night? An honest politician? We’ve all seen something that truly baffles us. Top of my list would have to be Trump’s inauguration – I’d call it black comedy if it wasn’t so serious. One moment the world was relatively normal and the next we’re all eating fresh shit sandwiches. Second on my list is a natural phenomenon, something –unlike Trump- that I can get my head around as a scientist. Kinda.

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Lost Footballs. The Saddest Sight.

The Twitterverse is a wondrous thing. So many creative people out there who work hard to provide totally pointless news feeds for our amusement, compiling all sorts of shit you didn’t know you needed. I’ve stumbled on a few gems since signing up and accumulating my mega-total of 46 followers. But my favourite has to be Lost Footballs (@Lostfootballs).

Balls. And they’re lost.

They post photos of lost footballs (no rugby balls please!) from around the world, sent to them by sad spotters like me. You find them everywhere. Back alleys, parks, roof tops, under cars and we all carry smart phones so taking a picture is easy. The twist is, subscribers are asked to pair their images with song lyrics that might reflect some aspect of the photo: as they say, “the saddest sight in the world – lost or discarded footballs.”

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The Results Are In.

Christmas is over. The New Year crept in through a hangover haze and the presents have been packed off to the Sally Ann. Here in Vancouver, that means it’s nearly time for the annual Hys and Lows stock picking results dinner, or what I like to call The Rites of Poverty and Delusion. The dinner has assumed a prominent place in the hearts and minds of the hallowed members of our little club. And with that in mind, I know that you are excited to see the 2018 results (if you can call them that) so without further ado, I’ll cut to the chase.

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When Chickens Attack.

If you’re scared of chickens and their feathered kin, you’ve got Alektorophobia; an irrational fear of chickens.. as well as their eggs …often related to a previous traumatic experience involving feathered fowls.”  In other words, chicken-related PTSD. I don’t have it, but my friend’s wife, a Japanese émigré to Canada, suffers from it. Sounds like a total nightmare to me.

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My Stock Pick Has Tanked

Yes, yes… you all know what’s coming. After months of gloating and abuse chuckage, my pick in the 2018 mining stock pick challenge has tanked and I’ve been knocked off my lofty perch atop the table. Evrim -previously known as God’s Choice of Junior Explorers- is in the shit pile and down 80% on the day after releasing crap drill results. C’est la vie. My humble-pie eating note to our stock club is posted below.

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November Stock Picking Update

It’s time for the monthly mining stock picking up date. What follows is an edited version of my monthly note to our club in my capacity as Chairman.

The air in the Chairman’s Palace is currently rich with the heady scent of righteous excitement as we head into the final month of this year’s “Pick-A-Dog”competition. At least I think that’s what I can smell; my terrier’s been having digestive issues so I may have it wrong.

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Take a Foray into Fauré

Every composer worth their salt has a Requiem mass under their belt. What a cheerful bunch they are celebrating the inevitability of death, the eternal suffering of the damned and the terror of God’s wrath all laid out in impenetrable Latin. But, I’m willing to cut them some slack because the collected catalogue of requiem masses across the years includes some of the most iconic pieces of classical music ever written; Mozart’s Requiem is probably the best known with its brooding opening and its spectacular Dies Irae (Day of Wrath).

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Let’s Play Hide The Rock.

Gwyneth Paltrow, feminine health legend and definitely not a snake oil saleswoman, says women should insert crystals into their body cavities to “increase chi, orgasms,vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general.” A big thank you to Goop! for coming up with a solution for so many problems all at once. I really hope she’s not thinking about using stibnite as it might cause a few issues if inserted incorrectly.

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